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 Coronet    S.A.E. Flare Fittings - Forged Tee Union
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S.A.E. Flare Fittings - Forged Tee Union

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These fittings are available ASSEMBLED with

                        • Short Rod Nuts
                        • Use Prefix A
                        • Long Rod Nuts
                        • Use Prefix AL

                        • Short Forged Nuts   
                        • Use Prefix AF
                        • Long Forged Nuts
                        • Use Prefix AFL

                                e.g. A44FRG-4  for a Forged Tee Union assembled with Short Rod Nuts.

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                          Item #


                          O.D. Tube

                          Fitting Type

                          44FRG-4 Forged Tee Union 1/4" S.A.E. Flare Fittings
                          44FRG-5 Forged Tee Union 5/16" S.A.E. Flare Fittings
                          44FRG-6 Forged Tee Union 3/8" S.A.E. Flare Fittings
                          44FRG-8 Forged Tee Union 1/2" S.A.E. Flare Fittings
                          44FRG-10 Forged Tee Union 5/8" S.A.E. Flare Fittings
                          44FRG-12 Forged Tee Union 3/4" S.A.E. Flare Fittings
                            Results 1 - 6 of 6 1 
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