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Lubrication Accessories - Lubrication Adapter Sets & Components

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6400 Lubrication Adapter Set with Hose Complete set of all adapters & connectors in one unit to lubricate vehicles where removable grease plugs or slotted screws are used instead of fittings. Comes complete with flexible hose & connector. Lubrication Accessories
6450 Lubrication Adapter Set without Hose Same as 6400 but without extension hose. Lubrication Accessories
6451 Seal-Off Adapter 1/8" F.P.T. - Rubber tipped adapter for front end greasing. Lubrication Accessories
6452 Needle Point Adapter 1/8" F.P.T. - Used for lubricating universal joints and general greasing of imported cars. Lubrication Accessories
6453 Swivel Plug Adapter Used for greasing front suspension and steering linkage Lubrication Accessories
6454 Economy Needle Adapter Inexpensive way to lubricate universal joints and other pin-point lubrication Lubrication Accessories
6456 Filler Fitting Bulk Dispenser Used in grease gun head. Connects grease gun to bulk dispenser. Lubrication Accessories
6460 Hydraulic Coupler Sleeve Used to connect grease accessories to grease gun. 1/8 female pipe thread. Sliding sleeve locks coupler in place. Lubrication Accessories
6470 Grease Injector Needle Designed for use in close places, especially universal joint fitting and metal covered springs where large end couplers cannot be used. Allows greasing of sealed bearings. Connects to all standard grease gun couplers. Lubrication Accessories
  Results 1 - 9 of 9 1 
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